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The Mystery Of Altars (Part Two)

Without sacrifices altars are useless. The altar must experience constant services. You alter prayer on earth like words but it goes to God as incense/sweet savour. When you engage the reality of the Holy Ghost, your altar is experiencing life. We are altars unto the immortals We transmit the fragrance of God because we are altars. You are heaven’s mobile altar. Your sacrifices must not just be life,but living. Your life must become a lively stone. When you offer sacrifices on the altar it is expected there is a flame that flows up. Spirit are moved by sacrifices. There’s no empty altar that traffics spirit. What makes an Altar a cynosure are the sacrifices that are made on that Altar. What is not good is not good. The man in Christ is an Altar unto the Immortals. Altars are control towers and spiritual transmissions. The real government is the Church. The Church ought to give definition to the world’s existence. The fact that you put Jesus (the name) in a song does not mean Jesus (the person) is in it. The only accredited environment for the Truth is the Church. The way the Lord relates with a man is on the basis of the scrolls upon his heart. Dead sacrifices breed dead works. There is a progressiveness to your work in God. It is that you become a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God. If sinners come to the Church and remain the same, there’s something wrong with your Altar. God will never sponsor laziness or idleness. There’s the finished work of Christ and there’s also an ongoing work of Christ. Christ still makes intercessions for the Saints.

Minister: Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel


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