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The Earth (Part Two)

– Worship is a ladder into the Immortal realm. Worship brings you closer to God, it does not bring God down. The Earth is a recording system; what you say is what plays out. Everything God created hears, listen and obey the man in Christ. The Earth realm is the ground of Authority for man to maximize. God is not faraway but He has to be sought through fellowship and the study of God’s word. You can program words into the ground to your advantage. The earth is not supposed to be to your disadvantage; it should be to your advantage because God gave you dominion over it. The earth is supposed to cooperate with your day-to-day activities because God gave you dominion over it. The word of God is not just supposed to be heard and learnt; it is supposed to be lived. You live daily by the word by addressing situations and circumstances. The man in Christ is superior to the protocol of darkness.

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