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The Anatomy Of The Ancient Church

God’s word is a reality that must be prioritised above anything else. The ambience of a building can masquerade as God’s presence but ambience will never substitute presence. Your pulpit should be every where because we are mobile pulpit. The responsibility of the Church is to reveal Christ to people. The Church is not just a place to receive fresh revelation, it is also a place to repeat revelation. Knowledge of God’s word is not enough; establishment of God’s word is the reality. What makes a structure a Church is that Truth is dispensed. The Church must be a place of Truth. If Truth is absent in a building, it is no longer a Church, it is a shrine. A Church in its real state is an environment where Christ (Truth) is dispensed. The Church has to be the ground and pillar of Truth. Your purpose is uncovered in the place of intimacy with God. What makes God available in a place is the presence of God you carry and the omni-present dimension of God that is everywhere.

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