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Prophetic Art, Craft and Creativity

– Everything cannot be done on the pulpit (in Church). The pulpits in people will have to arise for the Kingdom to be seen. The Church is still the strategy of God to advance His Kingdom. God was not created but God is creative. If you do not believe God in an aspect, you will never experience God in that aspect (except by mercy). You thrive on the basis of your belief systems. Man is both created and creative. If you know God, you will thrive. The entirety of scriptures is predicated upon prophecies. If you want to know the prophetic, know scriptures. If you want to know scriptures, know the prophetic.

– The prophetic is centred towards scriptures and the scriptures is centred towards the prophetic. You do not just do business because you want to receive money, you go prophetically. Your vocation is a calling and praise unto God. You cannot replicate what you do not see and enter. You attract what you are! Do not rely on your skills without the Holy Ghost.

– Skills might delay you, but the Holy Ghost cannot fail you. Your designs should be used in painting the realities of God. In the days upon us, every sphere/sector must begin to revel the Kingdom. All have the capacity to prophesy, though all are not prophets. The Prophetic should be the lifestyle of the man in Christ so that it can influence his decisions and vocations. Prophetic Art, Craft and Creativity is a calling.


Minister: Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel

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