You are currently viewing Prophetic Art, Craft and Creativity (Part Two)

Prophetic Art, Craft and Creativity (Part Two)

– Words are not just vocal expressions, they are spirit expressions. When your life does not correlate with your words, it will be impotent. All of the enterprise, the projects that God embarked on were birthed out of His creativeness. The creativities going today are parts of God. The level of creativity that God is unveiling is for those who can trap the dimension of creativity. One of the things that dichotomise us from angels is that they are created beings but the man in Christ is a begotten being. God draws you into the realm of creativity, so that you can be creative as He is. It is on the basis of sustaining your secret place that God breaths intelligence and oasis of wisdom into your system.

– Whatever can arrest your subconscious mind can also arrest your life. There are things you can trap in God when you understand the mystery of sounds. Everything we see in creation is as a result of the creative nature of God. Every time you see fake existence, know that there’s an original existence. Your coming into Christ is not just for personal growth. You were not fabricated for just living to self but to live for Christ who died for you. The voice of God is native to every believer but obeisance to that voice is alien except those who partners.

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