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Mechanics Of Ministerial Sustenance

We must give in to the whole counsel of Truth as stated in the Scripture. We must give in to all that the Truth supplies. The revelation that will bring animation to people’s lives is that of Christ. When we gather in Church, the revelation of Christ must be built unto His people. Along with the travel of Jesus, there were people He contacted and ministered to their needs. When Jesus ministered, they brought out of their properties, belongings, salaries to minister to Jesus. In Jesus ministry, there was something that the people he ministered to did in return to also minister unto Him. We need to be developed in the things of the Spirit so that we won’t be tossed by every wind of doctrine. The power of God is within every believer. What God intends is that every man will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Everyone that came out of Christ is Lionic by nature. All that Christ represented, we represent it also. There are principles that govern both the spirit and earth realm, when you engage these principles, things will work for you. For every situation, there’s a principle that has been laid down in scriptures that addresses it. When you align with the Spirit, there’s an intelligence for all situations. The way God meets our needs is not always the same. The first thing to do is to download the intelligence to meet the need because every time there’s always different wisdom for each need. Channel your energy to download the principle for each of your need.

Minister: Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel


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