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HERMENEUTICS is the method or methodology of interpretation of Scriptures. Unhealthy interpretation of Scriptures can be detrimental to a Generation because you can peddle a doctrine that does not have its root and doctrine in the Word. You can actually give meaning to the word outside of context. It is treason on heaven’s integrity. You can vet what you receive. You can receive from the throne of your own enticement. You can receive from the flesh. What He said must always traceable to what is written. When you teach accurate doctrine, the heart of the Father is joyous. Your laziness in studies can mass-produce error in people. The compendium of Scriptures comprises of Word spoken by various entities. It is folly to assume that the totality of Scriptures is the word of God because various entities played their parts. In Scriptures, God spoke, men spoke, Angels spoke, animals spoke, Satan spoke, flesh spoke. The only accurate one is God. The speaking of other entities must be vetted to the degree that it consists of the nature of God. Don’t eat everything you hear. Give yourself to studies.


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