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Growth System (Part 18)

The strength of your sight is the strength of your life. God said to Abraham as far as you can see. A limitation can come in your life when your sight is limited. What performs the word of God is sight. You can be limited by deficiency in sight. Until your sight is corrected performance is not in view. Focus is what we call image point. If you don’t understand time, you do not understand vision. Focus is the act of concentrating or activity in something specific. In focusing you are setting your thoughts and desires on something specific until there is crystallization. What sees are not your eyeballs, what make you see is light. It is not the eyeballs that sees, it is the ray of light that permeates your eyes with light to enable you see. Whatever light your life captures your life replicate. When you study scriptures, you don’t look for words, you look for light. Light is a revelation, anything hidden can only be seen in light. Light is what makes manifest, anything hidden can only be made manifest by light.


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