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Ebook: The Divine Nature

Disclaimer : This Kingdom book was written by PASTOR KAROUNWI DAMILOLA GABRIEL, and it is given for free, not to be sold for any amount, however we give room for voluntary donations to support the work of the Kingdom. Kindly visit the below link to make donations.

About The Book

– Meditation, Consciousness and Divine Nature.

Revelation in itself may be impotent without a deliberate effort of building consciousness and systems around it. The divine nature finds expression through the consciousness of the multidimensional reality weaved into the very essence of the man in Christ, crystallized via the instrumentality of the meditative adventures.

This book seeks to connect the dot from divine nature to consciousness and meditation.

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    1. Wow, Wonderful Book, I’m going to read this book over and over again, it is worth all my time, God bless you sir for blessing us with this book, we pray that God’s anointing continues to flow through you in Jesus name, amen!

      1. Segun Michael Korode

        Daddy thanks for releasing this book for the body to be edified again and again….. More of God sir

    2. Benjamin Abodunrin

      Wow! Glory to Jesus for this Knowledge be given to us through His Vessel, Pat. Karounwi. I pray that the Lord will increase you in all ramifications in Jesus name. Amen. More Unctions to raise this generation in Jesus name. Love you Sir

    3. Olamide Olalekan

      Glory to God for giving the grace of this to us all. We receive enlightment as we read this book full of life.
      May the Lord bless and uphold you forever pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel.
      Thanks so much sir. We love you sir.🙇

    4. Karounwi Louisa

      Glory to YAHWEH. Thank you so much sir. Your strength is renewed. We await more books in the Lord’s name.

      1. Adegbola Elizabeth

        Glory to Jesus. God bless you Papa for this book. We await more books in the Lord’s name. More wisdom from Yahweh.

    5. Karounwi Louisa

      Glory to YAhWEH. Thank you so much Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel, your strength is renewed and you will never be irrelevant. We await more books in the Lord’s name. Amen

    6. Olanrewaju

      Glory to Jesus, knowledge increased, thanks Papa, God bless you more, abundant writings to come. Amen

      1. Martha Damilola Olusola

        Glory to Jesus for this transforming book, I really thank God for the priviledge to sit under ur teachings that have changed my life and also to read this book. This book has helped me and it’s helping me change my thought, especially when I went through the consciousness aspect… God bless u with more wisdom to unveil more books in Jesus name. U are a blessing to this generation…

    7. Owolawi Rebecca

      All Glory to Jesus… For this great privilege to be part of this great family.. Thank you Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel for being a blessing to our generation. You’re refreshed sir. More of God’s grace and insight. God bless you sir

    8. Adelaja Adepeju

      Thank you for giving us this book sir. God bless you greatly. This book is such an awesome one. Strength is added to you sir to do more of this through Christ Jesus.

    9. Oluwatobi J. Soyinka

      Thank you so much for this powerful book Sir, More Grace to you in Jesus name. Amen.

    10. Omolola E.Oladipo

      I so much bless God for using papa,(pastor D.G.Karounwi) for the people and the youth as a whole ….your words sir, is light in the heart of men… ..You introduceing this E-book as given us and showed us how we can be active, conscious and meditate in the word of God….papa the book is a blessing and a key to us all….thanks a lot Sir.

    11. Dr Abiodun AGBONYIN

      A million thanks to you for this precious gifts!

      You are greatly appreciated and celebrated for all you do and represent in the Body of Christ!

      Greater Gracious grace of God for Greater Kingdom Exploits, Sir!

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