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Dual Operation Of The Believer

– The Word of God carries the identity of God. Your words must be correlative with your life. The best place to know a man is from God. Your life is enshrined in your doing. A man of stature is known by the quality of God’s word that he does, not only that which he hears. We must do as much as we teach and we must also teach as much as we do. Jesus is not just with you, He is in you. Jesus does what He says and He says what he does. The best way to teach is to do. Your life is a sound and fragrance that emits frequencies and wave lengths.

– Your teaching must be consistent with your doings. Words are equivalent to power. The identity of Christ is at work in the Word that is why the Word works. The Word works and we also work the Word. The Word should not be regulated to communication only; there is a creative dimension of the operation of God’s Word. The Word of God can create things to your favour. The fragrance (life) of a man speaks volume about him. A man can be well known by the Word that he does. One of the Ministry of God is to bring correction. There is nobody that God loves that He will not correct.

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