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Charter Of Consecration (Part One)

There is no way you can be accurate with the Lord without a consecrated life. Not all rhymes are revelatory. To understand love, you have to go into God. God appreciate you the way you are but He will never leave you the way you are because He want to see your life correlate with His existence. God only continues what He started. The design of God is that you no longer live for yourself. The beauty of many of us is in our faces but your real beauty is who you are in the secret. You can always forget your hurt but you should never forget what it taught you. The will of God must be at the fore front of our existence. It must control and regulate our lives. Many are far from fulfilment because there are still things in their lives that does not accommodate advancement. A consecrated life is a regimented life by heaven. Your demeanour (character) is a fragrance.

When God breaks a man, some of the things that has been taken as idols will be shattered. When the government of the Lord is over your life, your character will begin to adjust to the government of heaven. You grow into the image of Christ by the revelation of God’s word. There are things that will not only happen by your prayer, there are some times that for things to happen, the Lord will place a demand on what is in your hand. The day you said “Yes” to Jesus, your life is no longer yours, it now belongs to Him. Even though God is in control, God is not controlling. The transition of Testament to Testament never changed the nature of God. God still remains the same.

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