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Burning Incense

When a man has not properly arranged his altar, the incense that he raises becomes an abomination unto the Lord. What makes you a man is your ability to raise incense. For you to live in constant dominion, there’s need to live consistently in prayer. You do not have license to talk a man down until you have been empowered to reveal the Truth. If you’re a true believer, the Lord will lay demand on your secret place.

The moment you see prayer as a choice, you’re still far from the reality of prayer. Prayer and the word of God is not a choice but a life. An unbeliever can still conquer you, if your altar has not gotten the attention of the Immortals. Sleep is a robber of destiny. You come into a knowledge of understanding by prayers. Prayer is meant for fellowship. An angelic encounter that is not properly understood can lead you astray.

Prayers that go up always get a response/feedback. On the basis of altar and incense, your life will be a centre of attraction to the Immortal. When your life does not offer the right flame, prayer will be a struggle unto you. You do not remain the same in the place of prayer. If you’re seeking victory in all aspect, it is the way of the Altars. The only language that spirit understands is sacrifice. When you don’t understand the language of sacrifice, you cannot traffic spirit entities.

It is on the basis of prayer that the personality of Jesus is revealed. The extent of the impact you make in the earth today determines the extent to which you fellowship with your Altar. Real men seek prayer life, not prayer time. The day you experience what it means to really experience prayer, you become a dead man on the Altar. You make out time for whatever is special to you. Go beyond the norm and spend quality time in prayers.

Minister: Bro Elkanah Ayodeji

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