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Be Relevant In Heaven and on Earth

God expects that you are relevant both in eternity (heaven) and in time (earth) and that you learn from Immortality. The agenda of God is that a man must reign well in eternity and in time. The original intention of God is to replicate the culture of Heaven in earth. When you fraternize with the ways of God, you begin to know your possibilities. Our progression in time is tied to our knowledge of Him. Men who rule the day are giant at night. You must maximize your night seasons. Your profitability is tied to your intentionality. When the Church arise, men will not just come to the Church, they will flow into it. Tongues are meant to ensure you fraternize with the King-Spirit. We are dependent on the Spirit but independent in earth. It is the teaching of His ways that engenders your walking in His paths. The purpose of learning is to walk (not to amass knowledge). What should entice you majorly in the presence is the ways of God that you’re capturing. If you do not know His ways, you cannot replicate it and you cannot also represent it. When you learn the ways of the Spirit, you can walk in the Spirit and not fulfil the lust of the flesh. In the now, many are learning but few are walking. In God, you’re not just learning Spiritual Growth, you can also learn business strategies. Speak in tongues but speak intelligently. Let the tongues be convertible. Ensure you’re placing a demand on God for inventions and ideas. Your sights are for you to see opportunities in heaven and install them in

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