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Architecture Of The Man In Christ

– The intention of God is that the earth will be colonized by the possibilities of Heaven. The only way to function maximally according to the pattern and model of Heaven is to understand your make up and configuration as the man in Christ. The things of the Spirit cannot be understood by those who are carnal. Your productivity is stemmed from who you are. There are things you cannot articulate if you do not have the God-life. The Scriptures will not profit a man whose heart is not opened. Your conviction stems out of your fraternity with the Holy Ghost. Prophets are only accurate to the degree that they reveal Christ. Christ is the definition of the believer’s life.

– Any gospel that does not reveal Christ is error. When you know your status in God, carnality will be far from you. The man in Christ makes Christ visible. The Architecture of the man in Christ is that he relies perpetually on the God-life to give him expression on earth. The civilization of God within you should bring you to a point of incorruptibility. The man in Christ is a product of God (Word). The seed that entered into you when you got born again is incorruption. If you know, you cannot be corrupt. The God-life does not give a Right of Way for living in sin. Blessings and curses are ongoing. They work for or against you based on your alignment. If you are not born of God, you cannot lay hold of the possibilities of God. Jesus is not just one of the Prophets, He is God. The way God repaid Jesus was by resurrection because He was not guilty nor sinful.

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