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Appointed Times

There are timings in the spirit where realities are brought forth but it does not stop the place of your effectual fervent prayer. There are seasons in the spirit. Until we break into seasons and appointed times, some things will not happen. There are things you don’t do literally, but in the Spirit you bump into them. If a man does not heighten his level of discernment, he can miss out on his Kairos season.

If a man is unintelligent, he will not arrive at seasons in the spirit. Prophetic Dominion is on the template of understanding seasons and discerning times. The man in Christ has the capacity to discern his season. God gives prophetic voices to announce seasons. You can lose quality opportunities if you don’t take advantage of the Kairos season. There’s no day that is good in itself, it is your input that determines its goodness or the evil.

It is what you input into your day that will determine your output. It is an onus on you to buy back all that is meant for you in each day. You thrive on the bread for each day. It is from the evil day that you can thrive. You must see every darkness as an entrance into fresh seasons in the spirit. Kairos seasons are also crisis seasons. Failure to go through the crisis, Kairos is not in view. Problems are not location exclusive. If you run away from a challenge now, it’s waiting for you in the future. Kairos is a season for scattering your seeds, that your barns may be full.

When you arrive at harvest, the next thing is for you to remember to plant. It is on your discernment of Kairos season that you can arrive in possibilities in God. Only men of wisdom arrive in opportunities. Don’t expect miracles without inputs. It is on the basis of discernment that we can latch on our dominance. If you’re ignorant of your season, you’ll not be able to come into inheritance that the season holds. It is on the basis of our participation with Immortal things that we can arrive into seasons. Your regression and progression is largely dependent on your participation with Immortal. When the Lord brings restoration, you’ll forget your wasted years.

Minister: Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel

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