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Anatomy Of The Ancient Church (Part Four)

The word of God does not just change,the word of God changes you. There are some advancement you will never latch upon except you give yourself to a growth system. As you mature, some of those things (realities) will begin to magnetise. Some realities are waiting for you to change before they will change. When we come together to hear the word of God,we are on an adventure to be changed. The revelation of God’s word must be able to bring about the movement of transformative experiences. The gospel of Christ in the mouth of the minister,proclaimer and all is first to him before it is through him. The word of God is first to you before it can effect through you. The realm you have not gotten to you cannot bring men into. Whatever is consistent with the head of the church will be conspicuous with the congregation. The early church were word practitioners, they gave more allowance to the word of God. The early church submitted under the authority of the word. The early church taught from what is called the Scripture. The apostles were able to show Jesus from the scriptures (Old testament) because that was what they had.

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