Hello Friend, We are glad to have you here at Menorah School of the Spirit Word where God has equipped us for the heralding of the gospel and the teaching of the Word of truth. Menorah is a Hebrew word translated as the lampstands and this will make no meaning till you check Revelation 1:13 where Jesus was standing in between the lampstands and this was the birthing of the vision. We represent a body where Christ is at the centre; the focus is Jesus Christ. We started out officially in June 2017, when we had our first physical meeting and since then have gathered together on a monthly basis. We now have our physical meetings twice in a month: the first and last Saturdays of each month. It is our earnest desire to see men mature into the reality of Christ’s persona and ever since the inception of this School; this has been our focus; to unveil the personality of Christ to all and sundry.

Our Founder

Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel is a seasoned and called teacher of God’s Word who has been following the Lord since 2002 and has been preaching and teaching the Gospel since the year 2009. He was officially ordained as a Pastor in the year 2015 and his primary burden is to bring men into the knowledge of the Word of God as he believes that the reason for lives without results is the absence of an accurate understanding of God’s Word.

Our Programs

Bi-monthly Word and Prayer meetings (First and last Saturdays of each month)